Acai Berry Select Cut

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What is Acai Berry Select Cut?

With the requisite diet and exercise, this supplement aims to help you lose fat, look firmer and more ripped. It bolsters weight loss while giving you other side benefits: • A surge of energy levels to fight fatigue • Antioxidants for detoxification • Overall cleansing for the digestive system • Metabolic picker-upper With your determination and a good push from this supplement, those strapping hunks in the magazines could very well be you several months down the road. Acai Berry Select Cut comes packaged with a free membership to an online Health Resource Center where customers are privy to customized exercise programs, fitness tracking systems, diet plans, and other health information.

Acai Berry Select Cut Ingredients

official website did not even bother to show the ingredients used but after researching for a while you will find other websites mentioning it. Each capsule of this product contains:

  • Acai Berrie Extract: It is known to contain many active antioxidants and weight loss compounds that help cleanse the body.
  • Chromium Polynicotinate: A combination of chromium and picolinic acid which is expect to lower the absorption capacity of the body, lessening sugar craving.
  • Green Tea Extracts EGCG: There are a number of studies suggesting that the extract from green tea contains powerful compounds that can help lose weight.
  • L-theanine Amino Acid: It has energy boosting abilities and that can assist in burning fat.
  • Caffeine: Very popular in circles that rely on energy drinks to keep themselves awake and in a good mood.

How Does Acai Berry Select Cut Work?

The ingredients used in the formulation of Acai Berry Select Cut are believed to create a synergy once inside the body that assist in muscle development and weight loss. At the end of the day a person that uses the product should notice a decrease in fat, an increase in energy and an improved mood.