Alta White

Alta White Picture

What is Alta White?

Alta White is a teeth whitening kit. It comes in the form of a three step process to apply. Firstly you must snap the swab tip on the applicator, then dip the wet swab tip into the whitening powder, then you simply apply to all visible surfaces of your teeth This product contains compounds such as magnesium ,aluminium trihydroxide, glycerine, methylparaben and propylapabaren.

It has sodium bicarbonate as its active ingredient, and it also contains peroxide for the purpose of taking care of discolorations on the teeth. With peroxide present in this solution, people with sensitive teeth or other mouth and gum conditions are advised that it can cause issues and this may not be a suitable product. Nevertheless, for other people looking for an at home teeth whitening kit or DIY solution then this is the kit for you.

Alta White Ingredients

It’s made of different ingredients that would help during the whitening process. Some of the ingredients are Aluminum Trihydroxide and Magnesium.

This formula is known to support get rid of those darkened areas, yellow spots on teeth, as well as stains that can not seem to be removed from teeth by ordinary toothpaste brands.